Products Description


  • Lifelong Stainless-Steel Scales & Verniers, calibrated on imported Machine Accuracy: +.001%.
  • Tech Specs: Cast iron heavy base fitted with three leveling screws with top machine to take a travelling metallic carriage free to move long scale and holds clamping screw, when tightened connects the carriage to a spring-loaded bar
  • Precision lapped vertical and horizontal carriages with fine movement free from lateral shift or chattering. Travel horizontally 165mm and vertically 120mm
  • Verniers both reading to 0.02mm or 0.01mm –
  • Special rigid fixing of the vertical pillar to the horizontal carriage, ensuring true vertically even with rough usage
  • Wider object platform with optical white top. Special rust proof best quality stainless-steel scales finely graduated
  • Focusing of microscope tube by rack and pinion and microscope consisting of 10x eyepiece Ramsden with fine glass graticule
  • Achromatic 2" or 3" focal length objective made from highest quality optical glass
  • Coarse movements of vernier scale by hand & fine movements through milled head
  • Extended fine adjustment range 20mm for each carriage
  • Index marks denote the true vertical and horizontal positions of the tube
  • The instrument is furnished in epoxy finish with bright chrome plated parts, packed in a Styrofoam molded box or in a plywood cabinet with dust cover

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